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Laundry Today

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No one likes doing laundry and people like folding that laundry even less but sometimes, you don't have a choice.  It's either laundry today or naked tomorrow! This colorful canvas piece will bring a pop of color and a much needed sense of humor into your laundry room.  

The canvas is hand-stretched and back-stapled around solid wood stretcher bars. Larger canvas sizes are braced for extra support. Cross brace configurations may vary by size and style.

For quality, dependability, and affordability, there simply is no better choice!

  • 100% cotton with a medium texture
  • 10.5 oz primed weight
  • Available in five different sizes
  • Back-stapled to allow for frame-less presentation


Canvas Care — Because they are made of natural materials, changes in temperature and humidity may cause stretched canvases to shift or adjust over time. To enhance stability, store them vertically in a climate-controlled space.